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Machalek Communications, Inc. was founded in March of 1987 by Jon Machalek at the age of 27. A second generation publisher, Jon sees the company’s mission quite simply… help companies, both large and small, identify and create new customers cost effectively. Over the years, Machalek has helped promote products and services for companies ranging in size from one man kitchen operations to giants including IBM, AT&T and 3M.

Machalek Communications, Inc. has published 12 different postcard advertising decks including BARS & CLUBS-DEK which was launched in 1999 to piggy back on the success of FOODSERVICE-DEK. BARS & CLUBS-DEK has been published four times/year from the start. It reaches 100,000 different establishments across the USA that have full liquor licenses for serving liquor by the drink. BARS-DEK.com was launched in 2001 where we host all the BARS & CLUBS-DEK cards and Solo Email Blasts in order to produce additional leads.

We have printed and distributed more than 1.7 billion postcards to over 1 million qualified buyers. The company has further evolved to include additional sales lead generation services including list rental, solo email blasts, database lease programs and Internet marketing. This growth can be attributed to our commitment to your success. The culture of our company is to continuously strive to produce superior results while providing premier service to each other and to our clients.

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